Excerpts from client letters:


I am the “local guitarist” Mark mentions in his ‘About’ section who gave him his first order for an electric guitar way back in the mid-1970s. It was the second electric guitar he had ever made and here, some 32 years later, I still use that same guitar all the time, for both recording and playing live. It has never had a neck adjustment and, other than a change from passive to active pickups, it has required no correction or repair of any sort. None has ever been needed. It is one of kind. Mark put his whole heart and soul into it - it was a true labor of love. Today, whenever I pull it out of its case and others see it, they are stunned by its beauty and impeccable craftsmanship. “That’s a gorgeous guitar! What IS it? Where on earth did you get that?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard similar comments about my Geiger, I could buy another Geiger with the money! I’m sure Mark would do many things differently if he were to build another one like this, based on my original rough design. After all, there has been a lot of water under the bridge since 1977 and Mark has grown immensely in both knowledge and skill. But you’ll never find a luthier who will put more heart and attention to detail into a guitar than Mark does, and did for me all those years ago. His integrity as a craftsman and as a gentleman speaks for itself.

Alan Bradley, Nashville, TN
His band, The Sheaves


I have been truly enjoying my new guitar. It is just what I wanted and I've had some great comments from fellow guitarists on how wonderful it is. So, thanks again for
doing such a great job making it for me.

Tim Pacheco
January 2009


I just purchased your lucky 12 guitar from Richard and love the guitar. While your craftsmanship and artistry is wonderful, it was the guitar that I picked while doing the blindfold test with Richard and Annetta. It was a really comfortable guitar to play and had the dark, rich sound that I was seeking like my Martin D-35. While I love my Martin, which was the pick of the litter of 7 martins when I purchased it, it has a big body. I was looking for a comfortable, smaller body guitar with a full, rich bass which your guitar has.

While the appearance was secondary to sound and playability, I do appreciate the fine craftsmanship and finish. The lucky 12 soundboard is awesome.

Stacy Yamasaki
March 2007

I made the fatal  mistake one day of playing your guitar while at Westwood Music. It blew me away. From the first time I held it, that guitar felt like it belonged to me. It fits my hand as if it were made for it. I love the tone. I call it the tuba bass because it has so much bottom. And the absolute beauty of the guitar is stunning. It is so beautiful in it's apparent simplicity but so much more complicated when examined closely.

I absolutely love playing your guitar. In my collection which includes a Ryan, two Martins, one Collings and several other noteworthy guitars, it is a guitar I play everyday. I just love the way the neck feels in my hand and the tones that emanate from it's body.

Mostly I play it in standard tuning and play the Ryan in DADGAD. But the Geiger holds it own in altered tunings and when I can only take one guitar with me when I travel, it is the Geiger. I feel very lucky to have stumbled on such a fine instrument. Thank you.

Peter Schindler
March 2006


I realized I didn't verbalize the appreciation and admiration I have for your capabilities, and what you were able to do with the figured walnut I gave you. It is a great pleasure for me to have given you those pieces, knowing you would turn them into the spectacular piece of artwork that you let me play and enjoy. As usual, you did an outstanding job crafting that guitar.

I am thrilled with my leaf guitar, and play it much more than my Goodall, which I also love. The Geiger leaf guitar is the perfect combination of woods, sound, and exquisitely elegant design. I find it one of the easiest acoustic guitars to play that I have ever experienced, and I'm glad it's mine.

Rick Cohrs
June 2004


I wanted to thank you for making such a beautiful guitar...I am totally blown away by it's aesthetics in both sound and appearance.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't even thinking about buying another guitar, especially since I already owned a Martin HD35 (it's been less than a year ago, too), but when we went to Fret House and Ryan came out with your guitar, I couldn't stop myself from taking it home. We had also checked out a couple other Goodall and Santa Cruz guitars beforehand, but yours and a newly shipped-in Goodall guitar stood out the most. I literally sat there for an hour going back and forth between the two, playing and feeling them out...I wanted to take them both home so badly (both great guitars but completely different). Out of the two, I had to take yours home...Its amazing range in sound was irresistible.

Jason Hsieh
April 2004