I built my first guitar in 1975 in lieu of the Les Paul I couldn't afford.  The outcome wasn't too bad and I got my first order from a local guitarist shortly after.  I've been building electric and acoustic instruments ever since. 

After a long run as a foreman in set construction for Paramount Pictures, I decided to pursue lutherie as more than a hobby and set up shop.  I cannot think of a better job than building guitars.  For me it has everything:  It has to be engineered to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure from the constant tension of strings and the rigors of playing.  It has to be beautiful, not just in decoration, but in proportion and execution.  Most important of all, it has to sound rich, vibrant, and possess the soul and personality of both its maker and its new owner.

I believe that no factory can accomplish what happens between the builder and the player.  It is that marriage that creates something unique, and personal.  Through both modern and old world construction methods, I am constantly striving to build instruments of exceptional playability and sound.

Read what a few of my clients have to say about my instruments

Tim Pacheco performing "Without You" by Michael Gulezian on his custom Geiger

See my instruments at the Fret House in Covina, CA and at my studio in Carmel, CA



Tim Pacheco playing his custom Geiger
at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival

2009 Healdsburg Guitar Festival

Healdsburg Guitar Festival 2007


Rick Ruskin demonstrating camatillo fingertsyle with
Lucky 12 Sitka top at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival

Healdsburg Guitar Festival 2005



Richard Glick of Fine Guitar Consultants performing with my guitars at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival


One of my instruments at the GAL convention
steel string listening session

Guild of American Luthiers Convention 2004



Mark Geiger
Carmel, CA